As the dry season arrives to the Galapagos Islands, we see how the forests by the coast dry out. This was our first impression as we disembarked today in North Seymour Island. However, as soon as we started to walk along the trail, we found many seabirds present on this island. Frigatebirds are in their mating season these days, so we could see a number of males showing their bright red inflated pouches, ready to find a mate. Blue-footed boobies were incubating eggs or caring for baby chicks that were impatiently waiting for some food. This visit offered a spectacular opportunity for our guests to practice photography skills as these animals allow a close approach.

During lunch, we navigated towards Rabida Island. On this island, we observed one of the few red beaches found in Galapagos. We disembarked for a snorkeling adventure where guests could practice their skills in the water. We finished this visit with a natural history walk along the beautiful beach while the sun was setting, offering great light to take photos of sea lions and the outstanding landscape of this place.