The dry season is finally ending, the humidity is rising and rain will soon fall. We visited North Seymour, one small central island of the archipelago where frigatebirds and blue-footed boobies nest. On our early morning hike, we explored inland to look for the nesting males whose beautiful red gular pouches are inflated to attract females. Some nests held newborn babies, others almost fully-grown juveniles, and others still with males displaying and hoping for a mate.

Colorful land iguanas and lizards stood out against the dry rocky landscape. Cacti along the trail attracted iguanas, offering amazing opportunities for close up pictures.

In the afternoon, we visited Rabida, a spectacular red island populated by a small colony of sea lions that live by the beach. Our groups went snorkeling in the crystal-clear water over a shiny red sand bottom. Playful juvenile sea lions blew bubbles and chased each other as they swam alongside us.

We ended the day with a relaxing walk along the shore. We explored a brackish lagoon found not far from the sea. Some guests went kayaking in the bay, surrounded by plunge-diving blue-footed boobies and curious sea lions.