We began the day by exploring North Seymour, a central island of the archipelago. Flat and windy, the island is a good place for nesting. Frigatebirds and blue-footed boobies are the main inhabitants. We witnessed male frigatebirds carrying building material for nests. We also spotted mating displays. The males inflate their red pouches and shake their wings while clacking together their bills to attract females.

We also found land iguanas eating cacti. During the dry season, the iguanas struggle to locate food so they climb the spiny cacti. We also spotted a leucistic frigatebird perched on dry vegetation by the trail. During our Zodiac ride, we watched mobula rays jump in the ocean!

In the afternoon, we visited Rabida, the red island. Our first activity was snorkeling. We enjoyed the contrast of the colorful fish against the red sand. Later in the afternoon, we walked along the coastline in search of wildlife and took photos of the beautiful sunset. We spotted sea lions, pelicans and oystercatchers. It was the perfect ending of a great day.