As this journey begins, National Geographic Endeavour II awakens at North Seymour Island, almost dead center in the archipelago. This low-lying, uplifted volcanic island does not appear to hold much, however it is brimming with wildlife as we land. Walking among great and magnificent frigatebirds, with males trying to attract mates, we encounter Galapagos land iguanas highly camouflaged against the rocky background with endemic lava lizards fleeting about. The bright cerulean color of the blue-footed boobies stands out as we explore this land before time.

The afternoon brings us to Rabida Island and its incredible contrast with its deep red, oxidized volcanic landscape, the only such island in the Galapagos. Exploration along the coast with kayaking or snorkeling, we encounter the ocean busy with wildlife, including Galapagos sea lions, whitetip reef sharks, and colorful reef fish. A sunset walk along the red sand beach allows us to get close to the sea lions as the sun dips below the horizon.