We are starting a new week in the archipelago and today was the first chance to go ashore and explore North Seymour Island. We headed to shore after breakfast and as we arrived at the landing area, Sally Lightfoot crabs greeted us. Along the trail, we spotted several juveniles blue-footed boobies, Galapagos land iguanas, and Darwin finches.

In the sky, frigatebirds flew close above our heads. This was the best opportunity to look for male magnificent frigatebirds with their red gular sacs inflated. After walking for a little while, we did see some males with their bright red sacs fully extended, although no female seemed to be interested. We also spotted many juveniles of both frigate species: great and magnificent frigatebirds.

By the middle of the morning, we left North Seymour and headed towards Rabida Island where we spent our afternoon. This island has a red color sandy beach and is the home for Galapagos sea lions.

This afternoon our guests had a chance to snorkel, from Zodiacs in deep water or from the shore. Both places had clear water, lots of fish, and playful sea lions. Towards the end of the afternoon, we had a relaxing walk along the coast and among the sea lions. And the sight of American flamingoes on the edge of a lagoon was a special treat.