What a great morning! We woke up to see hundreds of birds soaring above as large, fantastic waves crushed the shore.

After breakfast, we got ready to disembark and took a great walk on North Seymour. It was a beautiful day with blue skies, which made for good conditions for photography. We saw plenty of male frigatebirds posing with their red pouches, waiting to be selected by females ready to nest. Observations of many land iguanas and some blue-footed boobies made our walk even better.

In the afternoon, we had our first water activities on Rábida Island. What a great experience! For many guests, it was their first time swimming with sea lions, and we observed a lot of fish. Finally, we took a walk to see flamingos on a beautiful red beach.

Photo caption and photographer: An adult blue-footed booby with a juvenile. Photo by Franklin Ramirez