Misty Fjords National Monument welcomed us with a beautiful day completely free of mist, rain, or any form of precipitation whatsoever. We spent the morning cruising and enjoying the scenery. Misty Fjords delivers big time to the geologically minded. The volcanic plug now named New Eddystone Rock rises over 1,000 feet above the sea floor and emerges from the ocean near the border of the wilderness area. As we explored deeper into the fjord lands, the walls became steeper and steeper and the channel narrower and narrower. National Geographic Sea Lion loves to show off her strength as a small cruise ship by navigating through the tight Owl Pass where we escape the busier waters that accommodate large ships. Thanks to the Owl Pass bottleneck, we enjoyed Rudyard Bay all to ourselves for an afternoon of kayak and Zodiac cruise operations amongst chum salmon, bald eagles, and the blissful sound of silence.

Photographers: Claire Dal Nogare Kimberly Wood