Overnight, National Geographic Sea Lion brought us through Wrangell Narrows and Clarence Strait from the town of Petersburg, Alaska to Misty Fjords National Monument. We spent the morning enjoying the views from the decks of National Geographic Sea Lion as we slowly cruised through the fjord. In late morning, we boarded small passenger vessels to explore the area. We watched our ship come through famous Owl Pass, and we got a closer look at the forest, the waterfalls, the salmon, and the eagles. We got an even more intimate experience afterwards when we explored the area by kayaks. We watched as the zombie salmon in the streams fulfilled the last days of their cycle, which is critical to the old growth forest ecosystem. We even got to see a double rainbow over our ship! Later in the afternoon, naturalist and cultural interpreter Sharon Grainger gave a wonderful talk about Native American culture and art. In the evening, we enjoyed the views from the deck as our captain navigated us back through Behm Canal towards Dixon Entrance. Tomorrow, we arrive in Canada!