Misty Fjords National Monument lived up to its name today, our first day of precipitation of the voyage. Now we understand how this temperate rainforest remains so lush and verdant. Dense stands of trees cling tenuously to steep slopes and myriad mosses, ferns, and lichens cover all available space.

Rudyerd Bay was the location for our kayaking and Zodiac cruising activities. There were many bald eagles and harbor seals, skeins of water dropping from thousands of feet above, and a glacier-sculpted image of an owl overlooking the narrows at Owl Pass.

More than half of National Geographic Sea Bird’s complement of guests opted to jump out of a Zodiac and into the cold water before warming up with a bowl of chili at lunch.

National Geographic Sea Bird repositioned to Walker Cove for our final Zodiac tour. Grand scenery abounded at every turn. Salmon are beginning to return to their natal streams and some guests had a brief glimpse of a brown bear family, healthy because of the bounty afforded them in this rich wilderness