The sheer joy of waking up in beautiful Melfjord! One of the most scenic fjords in Norway, Melfjord was mysteriously covered in clouds and a perfectly blank surface of water today. What to do but to go hiking and kayaking!

The fjords offered spectacular views over one of the largest glaciers in Norway, Svartisen, which lurked a distance from the ship. Some adventurous souls took off to shore to go hiking in the forests of the fjord and came back with bellies full of blueberries. The forest was full of them! And they are as delicious as can be at this time of year. Our naturalists brought back a bucket for Sage, our pastry chef extraordinaire, and they were served on this evening’s dessert.

The rest of our guests went kayaking on the perfectly blank waters of the fjord. They enjoyed spectacular visibility along the rocks and were able to spot a few harbor seals playing nearby.

The afternoon was spent ship cruising out of the fjord, and our excellent bridge team navigated us to a spectacular waterfall, going nose in for us to feel its presence. A few drops of rain did not stop our guests from enjoying this view.