We started our day by stocking the cooler full of drinks and water, preparing for the morning at the national park of Bocawina. The ship anchored in front of the village of Hopkins, and expedition leader Shawn did his (Good Morning Good Morning) call to guests on board.

After breakfast, we set off on Zodiacs to Hopkins; there we boarded buses to travel to the park while guides taught us about the culture and history of Hopkins Village. The 45-minute ride gave us great views of the Maya Mountains and the coast of southern Belize. Arriving at Bocawina National Park, we went out to enjoy nature for the morning. We spotted some beautiful birds, and even had some unexpected sightings like the gray-headed kite.

After the birding at Bocawina, we drove to have lunch in Maya Center. Afterward we made our way to Placencia, where National Geographic Quest was waiting for us after relocating from Hopkins.

After a long day of enjoying the jungle, we got ready to enjoy some music from local band The Garifuna Collective. It was great fun, with everyone dancing to the local music. After a few hours we returned to the ship to finish the day with some drinks and then dinner. Lastly we had an update about the next day’s activities, explaining the plans for our last day in beautiful Belize on National Geographic Quest.