Today was our second full day exploring Magdalena Bay. The day began with views of a mysterious yet tranquil ribbon of fog, which meandered through the mangroves not far off our beam. We sipped our morning beverages of choice as pelicans, cormorants and herons glided in and out of view through the misty sunrise.

After breakfast, some of us cruised through the mangroves on Zodiacs while others explored by paddling kayaks. We enjoyed seeing firsthand the diversity of life provided by red, black and white mangroves. In addition to seeing fish and rays skitter beneath our boats in the clear waters, we also enjoyed great views of herons, ibis and even a larger group of godwits.

In the afternoon, we picked up our pilot who guided us through the narrow Canal de Soledad. The bow was the place to be as we shared natural history related to the birds, dolphins and coyotes spotted along the way.

To top off the day, we enjoyed ceviche up on the sundeck as the sun set on yet another magnificent day in Magdalena Bay.