We had an early start today! When we docked at Lerwick, Shetland, we were greeted by a horde of Junior Up Helly Aa performers decked out in homemade costumes. This musical entertainment set a cheerful tone for the hikes, visits, and walks that filled the morning.

In the afternoon, we were encircled by gannets at the Noup of Noss, and we watched in wonder as they dove and soared. Later, Cultural Specialist Claudia introduced guests to a new challenge in the form of Icelandic pronunciation and grammar.

The evening included an after-dinner visit to Foula, Shetland’s westerly isle full of birds. Local guides led us along cliffs of fulmars while seals played in the water below us. This was followed by a visit to the island’s school, where a selection of crafts was available. Cake was much enjoyed after time in the brisk wind!