This morning started a bit early so that we could catch the lowest possible tide in LeConte Bay. So early in fact that we skipped breakfast…but not to worry, as that was easily made up for by the impressive brunch that awaited us on our return from exploring the icebergs on the terminal moraine!

We could see that our strategy was sound and paid off in spades as we crossed the moraine in our Zodiacs. We observed an amazing assortment of unreal-looking shapes carved in sapphire-blue ice. A quick trip to shore added yet another dimension to this ethereal landscape, as guests had a chance to poke about in the intertidal. They found large bloodworms and other intertidal marine invertebrates. A light mist could not dampen our spirits, and in fact, it provided exactly the right lighting to bring out the most amazing blues in the ice.

At the end of the morning’s outing and as we approached the fantail, we were greeted by whiffs of the sumptuous spread that promised to reward us for our early exertions!

After brunch, we steamed to Petersburg, “the town that fish built,” to explore a muskeg, ride bikes through the scenic Alaskan fishing village, and explore the fishing docks via Zodiacs. We enjoyed the up-close view of the very heart of Petersburg.

Guests were overheard musing about the amazing assortment of goods in the hardware store – often a favorite destination along with the ice cream shop and the fish and chips stand (one of our personal favorites)!

After recap, we were treated to a traditional crab feast with all the fixings – not a bad way to spend a day in Southeast Alaska!