For our final full day on National Geographic Sea Lion, we spent the morning hiking on Baranof Island near Lake Eva. Our hikes meandered through old growth temperate rainforest, following the stream that cascades down from Lake Eva to the bay. The water was full of sockeye salmon making their journey upstream to the lake for spawning. Many berries were ripe and ready for eating along the trail; the trees were majestic, and full of moss and lichens. Some of the more adventurous hikers took a dip in the cool waters of Lake Eva at the turnaround point of the hike. After lunch, the kids on board learned to drive the Zodiacs with our third mate and bosun; then they took turns at the ship’s helm, with the Captain on the bridge. On our final evening we cruised through Peril Strait, while enjoying the world premiere of our guest slideshow in the lounge. What a great trip!