After a leisurely morning at sea, we sailed into Koolama Bay, into which flows the King George River.

After lunch, we jumped into our trusty Zodiacs to explore this fantastic river and the massive canyon through which it flows. As we approached the mouth of the river, we were greeted by a beautiful manta ray feeding on the zooplankton close to the ocean surface. After this amazing encounter, we got closer to the shore at the river’s mouth and spent time with a couple of dugongs patrolling the shallow waters and feeding on seagrass near shore.

As we travelled upriver, the scenery was spectacular with towering sandstone canyons cutting into the flat plateau. Weathering and erosion of the cliffs revealed a beautiful array of colours that we observed as we passed through. After a long journey upriver, we made it to the stunning twin falls that cascade 80 meters down the gorge, meeting us at the bottom of the canyon. Some of us decided that a shower was needed after the long, warm ride, and we climbed fearlessly to the front of the Zodiacs. The naturalists were very happy to drive guests right under the waterfall for a very refreshing experience indeed!