Today aboard National Geographic Sea Bird, we ventured to Kelp Bay for a morning of hiking. The dense, lush forest provided a tranquil setting as we explored winding trails and admired the vibrant flora. The crisp air and the sounds of nature invigorated us, making it a perfect start to the day.

In the afternoon, we cruised up Chatham Strait, our eyes scanning the waters for signs of whales. Our efforts were soon rewarded as we spotted several humpback whales breaching and diving gracefully. Among them, we identified one by its distinct fluke using, recognized as SEAK-1663. This encounter added a fascinating touch to our whale-watching experience, connecting us to the broader effort of marine conservation.

The day was a perfect blend of adventure and discovery. Hiking through the serene Kelp Bay and spotting the magnificent humpback whales in Chatham Strait underscored the richness of the Alaskan wilderness. Each sighting and experience aboard National Geographic Sea Bird deepens our appreciation for this remarkable part of the world.