Today, we awoke to a breathtaking ice-covered landscape in East Greenland. Navigating through the dense ice, we drifted slowly and closely towards a serene sight: a polar bear nestled in slumber. With a cautious approach from our ship, we observed as it stirred, stretching lazily before settling back into peaceful sleep. Soon after, another heartwarming encounter awaited us—a mother polar bear accompanied by her two playful second-year cubs. Mesmerized by this Arctic family scene against the stunning backdrop, we savored the moment before continuing our journey.

In the afternoon, our exploration along Greenland's coast led us to a majestic fjord. Here, amidst dramatic cliffs, we discovered hot springs, crystal-clear lakes, and vibrant flora dotting the landscape. As we ventured out of the fjord, our ship was enveloped once more by swirling ice, a stark reminder of Greenland's majestic grip.

Now it is time to sail to our next destination, Iceland, where new adventures await.