We started our morning early with a 6:30 a.m. oxcart ride in a small village called Kampong Tralach, a traditional rice cultivation area. Our local guides discussed the rice planting and harvesting processes while our photo instructor took a few photographers on a short photo walk to set up some nice scenic images of the rice fields and oxcarts. Our oxcarts dropped us off at the Green School, which offers English, cultural, and sewing classes for the local community. The founders of the Green School, Ms. Vinchy-Vin and Mr. Bun Thay-Khat, and one of the teachers, Mr. Daro-Ruos, came on board to talk about the school and spend the morning cruising with us.

Cultural specialist David Brotherson gave a talk on “Cambodia Religions of Past and Present,” and our local guides did a fun fashion show in the lounge to model traditional Cambodian attire. Afterwards, we went on deck to watch the ship navigate the narrowest stretch of the Tonle Sap River with a 90-degree "dog leg" turn.

In the afternoon, we took a scenic tuk tuk ride to the village of Kampong Leaeng to visit local artisans making pottery and palm leaf baskets. Then, we continued to visit the pre-Angkorian 7th century temple, Prasat Srey.