We quietly poked our way deep into Johansen Bay on the south side of Victoria Island early this morning. The water was calm, and the day was promising to be absolutely gorgeous! Everyone aboard National Geographic Resolution eagerly awaited the chance to explore this deep bay. Some chose to explore via Zodiac, but most chose to stretch their legs and hike along the ridgeline overlooking the bay. The rock formations were spectacular, and dotted here and there with tent ring sites, and even some grave sites dating at least a few hundred years back.

Our afternoon was spent on the largest of the Richardson Island Group, Edinburgh Island. A pair of peregrine falcons had a nest on the eastern edge of the valley that we chose to hike up, and we all stopped to watch the pair with their three chicks on a nest site between the two adults. Continuing to the high point at the back of the bay, we encountered a beautiful overlook that afforded almost 360-degree views of this lovely island. The folks who chose to explore Edinburgh Island via Zodiac also got some great views of this craggy-coiffed island.