Today, our navigation took us from the southwest of Jan Mayen towards the east coast of Greenland. Several humpbacks were sighted before breakfast while calm seas and fair visibility prevailed.

Following breakfast, naturalist Tim Martin gave a fascinating presentation on the complexity of precipitation and the wonderous world of snowflakes. This included illustrations and photographs on how snowflakes are formed and the diversity in the size and shape of the plates. Tim shared a universal snowflake classification system that can be used to identify plates based on appearance and morphology.

As our navigation progressed towards Greenland, we reflected on World War II history and the Battle of Denmark Strait that took place in May 1941. The German battleship Bismarck sank HMS Hood; 1,415 crewmembers were killed, and three survived. The Bismarck was sunk three days later.

National Geographic Resolution continued into the evening, getting ever closer to fast ice and the Greenland coast.