We woke up to the best weather we have encountered so far on this trip. The sun was out, the water was smooth as glass, and the wind was calm. Guests were divided into two groups. One group kayaked while the other group made a landing on the island. Halfway through the morning, the two groups switched, allowing everyone the chance to kayak and hike. A platform was set up so we could easily launch kayaks from the ship. Over a hundred guests kayaked and paddled around the bay. We observed large ice calvings on the shore from the safety of the kayaks. The hikers wandered freely and observed a small waterfall in a canyon.  

After both groups returned to the ship, we set up for the “polar plunge.” Over 90 guests took the chance to dive into the 32°F water.  

After a barbeque lunch, the ship cruised around to look for wildlife. The weather took a turn for the worse, proving that you should never expect a full day of good weather in Antarctica.