On the west coast of Baffin Island is a long, straight, east/west oriented fjord known as Jackson Inlet. Flanked by terraced layers of Devonian-aged limestone and chert, the landscape narrows on either side of the fjord before meeting at sea level, where we began our operations today.

On our approach, small groups of beluga whales skirted the coastline only to pass right in front of our landing party during scouting operations. Yellowish-white adults escorting light grey calves passed just a few meters from shore.

Over large pieces of gravel and up river and stream drainages, we wandered. Those who gained elevation could take in the braided nature of the post glacial valley.

Jackson Inlet proved both mountainous and rich in life. All we had to do was leave the ship and wait.

Back out at sea and into the pack ice again, we came across more of our creamy white arctic companions. Our closest polar bear of the trip swam up behind the ship, emerging onto the sea ice within 50 meters of our stern. Low grey clouds set the mood. The bear represented the theme of this trip. Life on ice.