We greeted the morning with happiness. Our Global Explorers were excited for a day of hiking together as a team, with the added challenge of going without parents. We bushwhacked into the Iyoukeen Forest on Chichagof Island. Inland from the thick beach vegetation, we followed bear trails worn clear from decades of use. We learned about lichen, found brown bear scat, and climbed over fallen trees soft with moss. 

Back on the beach, we climbed onto kayaks to explore the bay. Then, Nick called us together for a surprise treat; we were to drive the Zodiacs! Great fun. Back again on the beach, we ran into the cold water for the traditional polar plunge. Luckily, there were dry towels, a shuttle back to the ship, and hot chocolate waiting for us.

On board, guest Melanie Canant relayed her feelings about the Global Explorers program. “They were transformed! These children came on board bashful and clinging to their parents. Evelyn was the only girl among six boys! Now they’ve taken over the ship, completely comfortable, and everybody comfortable with them. It made my heart feel good.”