Our day began with a Zodiac journey for our last whale-watching opportunity. We were generously rewarded for our early morning efforts. Some guests experienced the blast of a full exhalation during an encounter that might loosely be called “baptism by whale snot.” The whale left everyone evenly moistened, but our spirits were elated. It is exciting to be approached by a wild animal in such a beautiful and wild place, the Boca de Soledad of Magdalena Bay.

Upon our return, we exchanged stories and photos of this unbelievable experience. Our navigation through the Canal de Soledad brought additional whale sightings. We also spotted a variety of birdlife, and playful bottlenose dolphins rode in the wake of our bow. We ended our day with a walk across the island to Sand Dollar Beach. We documented the magnificent sand dollars with a fun photographic perspective.

It was another beautiful day in Baja California, as is often said. It is always true.