What an amazing privilege to be able to visit the southernmost gray whale breeding and birthing lagoon in the Baja California peninsula. More properly named, since most are born here, the Baja California gray whale. Our morning was spent at the Boca, the opening to the Pacific Ocean from the tranquil lagoon. We watched a cow-calf pair of gray whales run the “treadmill” using the power of the tidal change. Multiple other adult gray whales frolicked in the surf, a few appearing to be 45-ton bodysurfers.

The pristine sands of Isla Magdalena became our sandbox playground for the late afternoon. Discoveries included a beautiful dolphin skull on the beach, countless bleached white sand dollars, and an archeological artifact: a rock amongst a midden of broken shells. There was something for everyone to be fascinated by, to admire, and to enjoy.