After a full day of water activities yesterday, it was time to set foot on land once more. We were fortunate to wake up today at the face of Isla Espiritu Santo for a morning of island exploration. Hikes were offered through the desert terrain along with beachcombing a pristine and diverse shoreline. Our morning ashore promised some exciting finds, from lively jackrabbits to the not-so-lively remains of a moray eel. Long hikers trekked carefully across patches of creeping devil cactus and climbed their way up uneven rocks to a promising overlook of the island. Beachcombers discovered fish, marine mammals, aquatic birds, and reptiles. There was much more to visually explore on the beach than just shells. To conclude the rousing escapades of the day, National Geographic Venture brought us into La Paz to share a special evening of authentic Mexican dishes, proper tequila consumption, and an array of dancing and vocal entertainment. As the sun sank over the Sea of Cortez and glowed orange and pink on the desert plants, “Besame Mucho” sang out in the background. It seemed like the perfect song choice for the end of a film – this film being the one we had all just played a part in and soon, we will call it a wrap.