We arrived at Isabela, the sea horse-shaped island, in the west of the Galapagos Archipelago. We hiked on a beautiful oasis of green poison apple tree leaves where we found some of the Galapagos land iguanas basking in the sun. The highlight of the morning was the Alcedo Volcano giant tortoise species that we found in large numbers walking on our trail. It was an amazing morning surrounded by these giants of the wilderness!

After lunch we navigated towards Tagus Cove. This site offered the opportunity to kayak along the coast with sightings of Galapagos penguins, flightless cormorants, and Galapagos sea lions resting near the shore. Some of us also went deep-water snorkeling to swim among Pacific green sea turtles. Later on, we had the opportunity to go hiking up a trail around Darwin Crater Lake.

We finished our day watching a beautiful sunset. We had a magical adventure on our third full day of expedition!