We are visiting the central western part of Isabela Island. This area is influenced by the Cromwell cold water current coming from the Indo-Pacific region. The bay is full of life and the landing beach is a sea turtle nesting site. We explored inland and looked for giant tortoises. We didn’t have to go far, since we found our first one at the entrance. These creatures are roaming around the Manzanillo Forest and share their habitat with land iguanas. We also had the opportunity to see yellow land iguanas basking in the sun in the middle of the trail. The morning ended with a refreshing swim in the calm bay.

In the afternoon we kayaked and snorkeled in the beautiful cove on the north of Isabela Island. Tagus Cove was once used by whalers and has a lot of human history. This location is a sheltered area where sea turtles, penguins, and cormorants can be found. We explored the cove in Zodiacs and also hiked to the top of an ash cone.