This morning we were anchored off the coast of Isabela Island, at Urbina bay. A very calm sea and Alcedo volcano were part of the landscape we woke up to.

We went out for our first activity of the day, a walk in Urbina bay. This area is impressive since it was created very recently by an uplift of the seafloor. The basaltic rocks with the remains of marine invertebrates and big heads of corals, unusually far inland,  are prove that this area was one day under the sea. We walk through, what is now, a dry forest full with yellow cordias, posion apple trees, Galapagos cotton, etc. As we explored the area, we found ourselves in front of Galapagos land iguanas basking in the middle of the path. With their magnificent bright yellow coloration and some orange tonalities, almost as if they were waiting for us to take photos of them.

We had our first encounter with a Galapagos giant tortoise; they come around the area for nesting purposes, and we were lucky to find the last two tortoises remaining in the area. The day was getting hot; reason enough for the tortoises to be under the shade of the trees in the area. My group could not stay for much longer under the shade since we had much ahead to explore but after this warming walk we enjoyed of a refreshing moment in the cool waters of the bay.

National Geographic Endeavour II, moved to our next destination of the day, Tagus cove. Our afternoon activities were water related. We went out to explore the coastline of this beautiful area. Some of our guest decided to explore by kayaks and paddleboards while some other took the chance to go for a ride on the zodiacs to see the wonders of this natural paradise. Penguins, brown pelicans, sea lions, and many blue-footed boobies were part of the amazing sightings of the day.

We went back on board to finish our day and rest for tomorrow, which is going to be another eventful day of wonders in the Galapagos.