Today we visited the two youngest islands in the Galapagos. On Isabela and Fernandina, volcanic eruptions happen every two to four years and sometimes even more often! In fact, Volcano Wolf was erupting on Isabela Island just a few weeks ago!

In the morning, we traveled around the north side of Isabela Island and observed the majestic landscape surrounding us. Suddenly, we spotted a pod of dolphins! More than 200 common dolphins were breaching and playing. What a way to start the day! Later, we gathered at the bow of the ship to celebrate the crossing of the equator as we entered the southern waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Later in the morning, we explored the shore of Isabela from Zodiacs. This is what we call a Zodiac exploration. It is the best way to explore the rocky shore, which was dotted with iguanas, sea lions, Galapagos fur seals, Nazca boobies, etc. We also had the opportunity to snorkel with sea turtles, flightless cormorants, and penguins! Isabela Island is a paradise for sea turtles, sea lions, and many types of tropical fish. This makes snorkeling unforgettable.

Fernandina, the youngest island of the Galapagos, was on our afternoon agenda. From the moment you step foot on this island, you are in a pristine place surrounded by hundreds of marine iguanas, sea lions, sea turtles, and red crabs. This is the youngest of all islands in the Galapagos, and there is lava everywhere! Mangrove trees grow out of the lava, marine iguanas rest on the lava, and sea lions call the lava on the shore their home.

What a magical place!