We were woken up early this morning to marvel at several humpback whales lunging out of the water to feed as we cruised our way towards George Island. Once we arrived, we stretched our legs and worked our arms hiking and kayaking around the island. We saw nesting chestnut-backed chickadees, American oyster catchers, banana slugs, and an impressive assortment of rainforest flora.

After our morning excursions, we made our way to the Inian Islands for some Zodiac tours. While in the Zodiacs the sun came out and shed its light on the wildlife. We saw Steller sea lions catching salmon with bald eagles soaring down to the water to steal their meal. Sea otters were also spotted rafting up around the kelp forests, some even holding their pups. Many of us also went ashore to visit Tidelines Institute, an educational institution focused on immersive education in Icy Straight and Glacier Bay.

Upon returning to the ship, we were able to get warm and dry and continue our journey through Alaska’s Inside Passage.