Our final day began with some low clouds and rain as the National Geographic Quest dropped anchor in a small cove known as the Hobbit Hole. Our plan for the morning was to explore the Inian Islands by expedition landing craft, searching for wildlife as the tide brought the morning’s bounty through the passes of this small archipelago situated on right on the western edge of southeast Alaska. Rambunctious Steller sea lions cuddly sea otters were the found in abundance, and even a few humpback whales were in attendance to the festivities.

The rain tapered off during lunch, and the afternoon spent hiking and kayaking around George Island once again focused our attention on the very special nature of this temperate rain forest. Lush green carpets of moss cover the ground around the bases of towering fir trees. Many guests made it up a tricky trail to view the 6-inch battleship gun placed on the island shortly after the US entered WWII to protect the northern entrance to Cross Sound.