On our way to explore the northernmost entrance of the Inside Passage this morning, our breakfast was interrupted. We didn’t mind, because the interruption was a long awaited sighting of killer whales! As we observed the pod, we identified at least one mature male, and a mother and calf pair amongst the rest of the orcas.

After peeling ourselves away from the killer whales, we explored the Inian Islands via our expedition landing craft. The Inians are one of the most amazing hotspots for Alaskan wildlife, due to the enormous influx of the tides and the mixing of water that occurs in this pinch point.

As we transitioned to our afternoon activity of hiking on George Island, our transit was thwarted yet again. We had another sighting of killer whales! We were pleasantly surprised to realize it was the same pod observed earlier in the morning!

The killer whales kindly guided us to our anchorage, and we made our way ashore. We spent the rest of our afternoon exploring the various paths and lookout points on George Island. Upon returning to National Geographic Venture, we finished off our day with the world premiere of Venture Trivia Night with our naturalists!