The amazing weather continues as we journey north on our five-day expedition of Southeast Alaska. After a stunning show by a pod of killer whales last night, just a few of us were out on the bow early morning to enjoy scenic cruising past the fishing town of Petersburg and stunning views of the Stikine Ice Field. We worked off our breakfast with an invigorating hike up to the muskeg bogs of Ideal Cove, before Captain Nettles navigated across the submarine moraine of LeConte Bay. Here we lowered small boats to explore an iceberg wonderland. Surprised to encounter less ice than in years passed, naturalists were able to weave around ice floes and reach the mighty face of the LeConte Glacier – a first for me, and one of the most spectacular sights I have seen in Southeast Alaska. Glaciers, icebergs, alpine vistas, bogs, rainforests – today had it all!