Talbot Bay was originally known as Ganbadba by the Dambimangari people in this region. The large body of water contains many islands and interesting geological formations shaped by the region folding and uplifting 1.8 billion years ago. Today, the weathered and eroded geological layers present interesting features as macro tides force water through small bays and narrow passages such as the well-known Horizontal Falls.

We made our way toward Talbot Bay in the morning, carefully timing our arrival with a slack tide to assist with a safe navigation through the narrow region. After a morning spent listening to a few lectures by our expedition team, we set out in the afternoon towards Cyclone Creek for a delightful Zodiac cruise to view the breathtaking geological scenery and wildlife.

Later in the afternoon, we set out to view the spectacular Horizontal Falls from powerful local jet boats that allowed us to travel up close and through the falls whilst the tide was at its maximum flow.