Overnight, National Geographic Resolution navigated the northern tip of Ny Friesland into Hinlopen Strait. Having celebrated crossing 80˚N the evening before, the morning was subdued with overcast skies and intentions of exploring the edge of the fast ice. Our objectives today were to find wildlife with an “anything can happen” attitude.

At 8 am a walrus was spotted on ice and several others in the water. We observed and continued with the ambition of cruising the bird cliffs of Alkefjellet. A kilometer of broken sea ice stopped us from launching the Zodiacs, however it was no problem to approach the towering cliffs by ship, home to 60,000 pair of Brünnich guillemots. Our second polar fox of the voyage was also spotted patrolling the sea ice below.

At 11 am our first polar bear was sighted strolling the shoreline edge. Excitement was high and we all enjoyed watching this majestic animal navigate the frozen arctic landscape. Several more walruses were spotted on ice.

With the sun shining and more open water, we proceeded to Torellneset on the eastern shore. We found pack ice compressed against the beaches and strong winds, so we continued on to Bråsvellbreen and cruised the massive ice edge.

With glowing sunlight, dinner was just about to finish when Stefano announced we would make an ice landing! National Geographic Resolution confidently parked into a thick piece of sea ice, and we exited the penguin doors to experience the magic of walking on water in the evening light.