The final day of our trip holds a bounty of natural beauty, as guests disembark National Geographic Sea Bird in Clarkston, Washington, and hop aboard the preferred mode of transportation on the Snake River: the mighty jet boat. The shallow rapids of Hells Canyon are none-too-kind to propellers, so the locals use these shallow-draft vessels for daytrips into the nation’s deepest river canyon. Punctuated by pit stops at nature reserves and eateries, the day’s adventure showcases the very best of Idaho, Washington, and Oregon all in one place. Once all have had their fill of steep basalt cliffs and Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, the jet boats turn and head downriver to deliver guests safely back to National Geographic Sea Bird.

Following an afternoon siesta, the day’s activities culminate in presentations from two exceptional local personalities. J.R. Spencer is a Nez Perce storyteller who takes one back in time with traditional Indigenous tales; Coco Umiker is the owner and founder of Clearwater Canyon Vineyards in Lewiston, Idaho. They both take time to come aboard our ship and present to guests about their respective trades and passions.