Today was another amazing day in beautiful Norway. Overnight, National Geographic Resolution made its way farther north, and we arrived in Hardangerfjorden. And what a sight it was. Steep mountain cliffs on either side of the ship. Green trees, snowy peaks, and tiny houses that seemed lost in the vast landscape. Throughout the morning, we ventured deeper and deeper into the fjord. Cammy explained the disembarkation in Bergen planned for tomorrow, and Carl spoke about the special connection Norwegians have with nature.

We sailed under a bridge that spanned the fjord and docked in Eidfjorden, a beautiful little village in the innermost part of the fjord. Here we explored the town throughout the afternoon and hiked out to a glacier lagoon with our naturalist team. Many scenic photo opportunities awaited us along with plenty of history with burial sites from the Iron Age.

Back on the ship, it was time for the Captain’s farewell. But it wasn’t over yet. After dinner, we stopped by a majestic waterfall draining the Folgefonna icecap. What a sight to behold.