Our first day in Haida Gwaii was a captivating immersion into the rich cultural and natural heritage of this stunning archipelago. Our morning began with a visit to the Heritage Center, where we were warmly welcomed by knowledgeable Haida guides. Inside, we were enraptured by the stories and symbolism behind the Haida totem poles, each one a masterpiece of art and tradition. The museum housed repatriated artifacts, showcasing the Haida people's deep connection to the land and sea. It was a profound experience, delving into the history and resilience of the Haida Nation.

After a satisfying lunch we ventured to Spirit Lake, where the majesty of the local temperate rainforest unfolded before our eyes. Some of us chose to embark on a journey of discovery, where they learned about the diverse species of flora and fauna that make their homes in this ancient forest. Others had the privilege of joining Linda, or Gaajiiaawa, on an educational walk. As she shared her wisdom, we were introduced to the medicinal and culturally significant plants that have sustained the Haida people for generations. It was a unique opportunity to witness the profound interplay between nature and culture in Haida Gwaii.

Our first day in Haida Gwaii left us deeply moved and inspired. It was a day of connection, as we delved into the rich tapestry of Haida culture and the pristine natural wonders of the archipelago. We eagerly anticipate the days to come, when we will continue our exploration of this enchanting land and its remarkable people.