With an iconic Pacific Northwest coastal fog encapsulating the marina of Daajing Giids, our day began with quiet serenity and, eventually, a gentle, diffused morning light. As the sun continued to rise, so did our guests aboard National Geographic Sea Bird. Excitement and enthusiasm ensued as groups disembarked for our morning activity: exploring the temperate rainforest trails of Guuhlga Siiwaay K’yuu, also known as Spirit Lake.

Along our hikes, we encountered a plethora of flora, including western red cedars, a variety of ferns, red huckleberries, and shelf fungus. A handful of banana slugs, all varying in color, even crossed our path, which provided a fun opportunity to practice time-lapse photography.

In the afternoon, our Haida cultural interpreter, Barbara Wilson, guided us around the Haida Gwaii Museum. We are fortunate to have Barbara aboard National Geographic Sea Bird for the next couple days, and we look forward to learning more from her and hearing her stories.