This morning started with a visit to one of the world’s remotest museums, South Georgia Museum. Originally the whaling manager’s home and office, the museum sits amongst the whaling station in Grytviken. Before heading ashore, a few of the South Georgia government officers came onboard to deliver a short presentation on the history of the area and conduct a biosecurity inspection.

Weaving in and out of the kelp, fur seals greeted us as we landed by a shipwrecked whaling vessel. Once ashore, we explored where Shackleton’s men once stayed during their imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition on Endurance. We took some time to send post cards to loved ones and took a journey through history in the museum.

After our short transit to Godthul filled with many large icebergs and a few whale blows, a group of intrepid explorers disembarked to hike through the tussac grass to reach Lake Aviemore. Exploring Godthul by Zodiac was just as thrilling, as we encountered a plethora of curious fur seals, a colony of gentoo penguins, some molting kings, a couple of minkes, and an iceberg graveyard.