Today National Geographic Quest arrived to Golfo Dulce, and we craned down the kayak first thing in the morning to paddle along the beautiful coastline of the gulf. The mountains in this area offered a beautiful forest backdrop and our guests enjoyed the morning activities.

We enjoyed our interactions with the white-throated capuchin monkeys that came right by the shoreline and were feasting on the fruitful trees that were readily available for them to eat.

Having the gulf to explore the entire morning was a delight, and the bird life was plentiful, many of them migrants of the northern shore. We also had a great kayaking trip alongside the mangroves.

Later in the afternoon, we repositioned our beautiful ship to the mouth of Rio Seco. This destination has a wonderful rainforest reserve that shelters a second growth forest in which we saw incredible tall canopy species of trees. We also saw many different nectar plants in the garden, scarlet macaws, yellow-throated toucans, blue ground doves, and scarlet-rumped tanagers among others.

We also had many different drinks and pastries to enjoy, which made for a great ending to our day exploring the beautiful gulf.