National Geographic Venture passed the boundary into Glacier Bay National Park greeted by a lunge feeding humpback whale beneath overcast skies. After breakfast, Park Ranger Dan introduced himself and gave a presentation to welcome all to the park. Throughout the day, Ranger Dan would continue to educate and mingle with guests as we bounced from one wildlife hotspot to the next.

Cruising slowly through Russel Cut we had our first sighting of a coastal brown bear of the trip. Soon after, we arrived at the face of Margerie Glacier where we stayed for nearly an hour, getting a glimpse of calving from the dining room during lunch.

Continuing through the park to Gloomy Knob, our ship came to a halt to allow a black bear to swim past just off the bow of National Geographic Venture. Following that incredible sighting, our guests were able to photograph three pairs of mother/kid mountain goat pairs, as well as horned and tufted puffins.

The end of the day brought on Steller sea lions, sea otters, and a barrage of bird species passing South Marble Island. The arrival of killer whales delayed our evening program of “Cetacean Parenting” as a nightcap. It was a truly epic day.