Upon National Geographic Quest, we sailed with hearts of glee,

To Glacier Bay, where nature's wonders reign.

The morning sun embraced the open sea,

As we set forth, a brave and daring train.

In Glacier Bay, a realm of icy might,

With awe, we gazed at mountains tall and grand.

Amidst the mist, a spectacle in sight,

The bears appeared, a noble, wild band.

Their mighty strides and grace did us enthrall,

As they roamed free upon the rugged shore.

Seal lions lounged upon the rocks, heedless of all,

Their playful antics, a joy to explore.

Up high, on cliffs, we spotted goats so keen,

Cascading down the slopes with agile flair.

Amongst the skies, puffins were soon seen,

With vibrant beaks and wings that cut the air.

Throughout the day, we wandered in delight,

Embracing nature's beauty, pure and free.

With every sight, our hearts were lifted bright,

National Geographic Quest and Glacier Bay in harmony.

As dusk descended, back to ship we tread,

Grateful for the day that we had spent.

With memories cherished in heart and head,

We sailed away, our spirits fully content.