Glacier Bay National Park. Words that to me should be spoken with reverence. As a national park, this area belongs to all Americans. As a world heritage site, this park belongs to all global citizens of Earth. And yet, it belongs to no one at all. Designated Wilderness further elevates the sanctity of the wild places in this bay. Today we will see hundreds of miles of coastline, but never will we see a permanent human structure. No villages, no cabins, no old canneries or docks.

Yet tens of thousands of visitors may journey to the very heart of this park every year – primarily on ships, boats and kayaks. That is the magic of this place. To enchant our senses, lift our hearts, and heal our souls with simply the vision of these tidal waters brimming with mountains, ice, wildlife, and wildness. Nature and wilderness have always been there for us when we need it most. Can we say the same?