We awoke this morning over 60 miles away from civilization and spectacular views greeted us in every direction. Snow-capped mountains surrounded the ship, with tidewater glaciers flowing down between them and meeting the ocean. We started our journey through Glacier Bay National Park by spending time in front of Margerie Glacier at the northernmost extent of the bay.

From there we slowly cruised south, using the National Geographic Venture as our primary mode for adventuring. Taking full advantage of a multitude of wildlife hotspots, we found a grand total of nine coastal brown bears throughout our day! We also had encounters with humpback whales, mountain goats, puffins, sea otters, and countless birds. It was a beautifully overwhelming day, full of epic scenery and unforgettable wildlife.

To finish off our day, we had the opportunity to dock at Bartlett Cove and enjoy the trails around the Glacier Bay National Park visitor center and lodge. We were able to learn a bit more about how Glacier Bay is the ancestral and spiritual homeland of the native Tlingit people, and we were able to explore the groomed trails within the park’s temperate rainforest.

While exploring the Forest Loop Trail, we had an incredibly special opportunity to observe a mother moose and her calf. If that was not enough of a cherry on top of our day, we scored our fourth day of rare Alaskan sun, and it bestowed and incredibly vibrant, pink sunset upon us as we pulled off the dock to continue our Southeast Alaska journey. It was a long day, but ever so rewarding!