The morning sun found the guests of National Geographic Venture twenty or so miles into the main channel of Glacier Bay National Park. After a stop at Bartlett Cove to pick up our guest speaker, Park Ranger Michael, we were already nearing our first wildlife hotspot: South Marble Island. There we found hundreds of sea lions, dozens of puffins, mother otters with their babies, and a variety of other seabirds. Our next stop was Gloomy Knob, where we saw a record five bears and no less than thirty mountain goats, while humpback whales breeched on the far side of the ship. On the other side of Russell Cut, we had drinks in front of Margerie Glacier. As we pulled away she gave an epic calving, to the applause of all upon the sundeck. We ended our day taking photos of Lamplugh Glacier before slowly making our way out of the park. An unforgettable day.