Our day started with a relaxed morning at sea with a gentle swell on board National Geographic Orion. Our photo instructors, Steve and Ricky, kicked off the day with a presentation on how to improve our photo skills. Steve handed out cameras for guests who were interested in trying out some new photography equipment.

Next up: we enjoyed lunch on the deck before we departed for activities in Gisborne.

We went to two wine tasting sessions, where we learned about different types of grapes. We sampled four or five different wines at the two different locations, and we shared generous tasting boards, too. Other groups went to an arboretum and to a sheep farm.

Once these activities were over, we returned to the ship for some interesting recaps. Ricky showed us some of the photos he took at the sheep farm, and Jayden gave a presentation on albatrosses. Dinner was served along with one of the highlights of the day – dessert!