Shortly after the anchor was lifted in the early morning, wildlife viewing began with a breaching humpback, continued with sea otters and stellar sea lions, and culminated with killer whales. Remarkable marine mammal observations were just a part of today’s adventures aboard National Geographic Sea Bird. It was a classic Alaska temperate rainforest day with a range, from mist to light rain, which hydrated hikers who explored World War II relics on George Island. Kayakers explored kelp forests and arches while enjoying the solitude. In the afternoon the nutrient and salmon-rich waters of Cross Sound coursed through the Inian Islands which were speckled with marbled murrelets, pelagic cormorants, glaucous-winged gulls, and stellar sea lions, all there to feast. Exhausted, yet buzzing with excitement from the memorable day, we humans decided to take our turn at feasting…until killer whales were spotted! It was a magical day exploring Southeast Alaska.